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Back in the game

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

image from 2012

After a long break from the Dutch hockey league, I have made my re-entry... a lot more social and mature :)

Veteranen hockey to say the least hahaha I honestly never ever thought I would find myself here, but low and behold...never say never right?!

To be honest, I certainly recommend this competition if you are in Holland and over 32. There are lots of ex-internationals (some new to the retirement game), and lots of ex-hoofdklasse players too...and lots of foreigners as well! It is quite competitive, even mentally sometimes more than physically and it is a great way to keep relatively fit while having fun with like-minded people.

My quiet competitor in me was re-ignited and it feels so good! Took the LO along with me, so now she too is literally getting a very similar experience that I had as a toddler. I love that I can look back and share stories of how we grew up alongside the field and hope that one day, she too can enjoy sharing her stories of this experience.

So many memories and hard lessons came flooding back in those minutes in the game...

1. Never underestimate the opponents..ever!

2. Falling on a sand pitch hurts and creates wounds that probably will keep opening for weeks to come

3. Your body will hurt but the laughs you had will last longer than the pain

Looking forward to the next few weeks of hockey...oh, and did I mention that its social. whoop! This also means that you don't have to be at every single training nor game...of course you are committed but generally everybody understands that sometimes life happens and you cannot make training or the odd game. A win-win no doubt!

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