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Bye 2019, hello 2020

This festive season we spent in Holland again. The thing I enjoy about stay-cations is that I get to be a holiday-maker in my home town.

The holidays were short, in fact just one week but this was plenty of time to get in some good family QT and to recharge the batteries before getting back to work. Down time is extremely important and with learning that the rates of burnout are on the rise. work-related burnout is quite common so I can totally understand why it is important for employers to force employees to take their due leave if not taken. Leave is not a reward but a health necessity.

So this is what I did to take care of my batteries while saying goodbye to 2019 and 2020.

We went to the theater (I will share more in my next post). On Christmas Day we woke up to discover that Santa had popped by and to our surprise he visited my in-laws as well. Happy Days!!! So Christmas Day was spent with the whole family, a delicious Christmas dinner was served and good food, good company is always a great combo!

Boxing Day was spent playing golf, which was really fun and exhausting. When you have an active 3 year old, you spend more time ensuring they don't run in front of the play so as with most things with kids you need to be alert. Golf was followed by another extended family dinner where I had the task of making desserts for 20 people. Yikes. Lots of stress, but happy to report that the desserts were a win! I made a lemon fridge tart, the recipe you can find here and chocolate mousse topped with fresh cream, after 8 chocs and festive sprinkles.

In the in-between days, we did some other fun stuff like visiting Snow World (will share more in my next post). Would definitely recommend this for other parents!

New Years Eve is always a bit overrated I feel, so a perfect night at home with family and friends and lots of champaigne and wine is just right! The mist in the Netherlands was quite thick, but we were lucky that we could enjoy the fireworks while not having spent a single cent...whoop! I just know 2020 will be good when it starts like this!

2019 was lovely but I am super excited for 2020! Bring it on!

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