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Yummy White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

I love sharing recipe's with people as well as extra little tips and tricks. So when I got this delish and easy white chocolate strawberry cheesecake recipe from Elsie Nix @nixitup I had to make it straight away.

True to her word, it was easy and oh so yummmm!

So here is the Nixitup recipe and some extra coxtips from me. My daughter is lactose intolerant so generally I try to create lactose free versions of recipes.

Serves 8-10


*200g digestive biscuits

*100g butter (I used vegan butter)

*230g Monchou Cream Cheese (I used lactose free cream cheese- the texture is thinner so you will need to add more sugar and choc)

*70g white sugar (I added a bit more as above)

* 1ts vanilla extract

*235g whipped cream (I used lactose free cream)

*100g strawberries

*200g white chocolate (vegan again-only lactose free option available)


1. Grease and line the base of a 26cm deep, loose-bottomed cake tin

2. Crush the digestive cookies using a food processor or rolling pin

3. Melt butter and nix it with the crushed cookies. Add the cookie nixture to the cake tin and pat flat, leave to cool for 30 mins

4. Whip the monchou, sugar and vanilla extract together in a large bowl

5. Place the whipped cream in a separate bowl and whisk until firm. When the whipped cream is holding add to the other nixture and whisk some more

6. Melt the white chocolate and allow to cool for 10 mins

7. Puree 75g of strawbs

8. Add the melted choc to the whipped cream and whisk. Make sure to whisk quickly so that the choc does not set

9. Spoon the nixture over the cooled, set biscuit base

10. Spoon a few spoonfuls of the strawb puree over the batter. Using a knife, swirl the strawbs puree through the batter.

11. Allow to set in fridge for at least 6 hours

12. Decorate with strawberries and extra choc for more yumminess

This recipe is super simple and it allows you to experiment as well. Can change up the biscuit base with different types of digestives or other biscuits to add flavour or texture.

Totally loved it and it sure was a hit!

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